A Blockchain event by Dengun

On July the 26th,
Dengun hosted a Blockchain meetup at Hotel Faro ( in the Algarve - Portugal, with special guests Marco Peereboom who talked about the Decred project, and Jorge Batista who gave a presentation about Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Jorge Batista opened the meetup with a straight-forward presentation about Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Jorge recently founded his own software development company and started diving into the crypto world, with focus on the development of more real-world use-cases for Blockchain and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technologies that, he believes will revolutionize the world with the same magnitude as the Internet did, back in the 1990's.

A Distributed Ledger can be described as a ledger of any transaction or contract maintained in a decentralized form across different locations and people, eliminating the need of a central authority to safeguard against manipulation. Distributed ledgers are mostly known because of their use as cryptocurrencies.

In his talk, Jorge spoke about the fundamentals behind the technology, it's pros and cons, the Sybil attack prevention mechanisms, the different types of cryptocurrencies that exist in the world today, their designated uses, and what the future brings.

Following this, Marco Peereboom then took the stage.

Marco is one of the founders of the Decred project and is currently it's New Systems Development Lead. Aside from this, he is also an avid open source developer who has been actively involved in crypto currency since 2011 working on and around several Bitcoin projects.

About the Decred Project, this project is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that provides advancements in Blockchain technology while also offering true governance.

In this conference Marco talked about how important it is to have an autonomous digital currency built on the value of self-governance, while also having a strong focus on community input, sustainable funding and innovative development.

In addition to what was discussed, Marco also talked about what a digital currency is, what is governance, and what do they have to do with Blockchain technology.

Every presentation was then followed by a Question & Answer segment where everyone present got a chance to pick the brain of each of our guests. Various topics were discussed regarding Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies and different cryptocurrencies.

Overall this meetup provided everyone with the chance to learn more about Blockchain technology as a whole, it's ecosystem, and how Blockchain is used in today's day-to-day reality.

Wrapping up, an informal networking session was then held at Hotel Faro Rooftop where attendees got a chance to socialize, have a drink, discuss their ideas, and chat with our special guests.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this event, Hotel Faro for the space, and especially to both our featured guests!

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