31th August 2018

An event by Dengun

Catching up with the latest Dengunian adventures,
a Special Event was held on the last Friday of the previous month.

At Dengun we believe in the healthy synergy and the promotion of strong relationships between our different departments. For this reason we held a special lunch - way boost morale!

As people started to arrive, they were greeted with a fork which had an interlaced paper attached.

Unknowingly to all who took part in the event, there was a surprise laying in wait. The paper attached to the fork contained a unique name-tag that each person had to keep secret.

This was the start of the game "Who's my Match?".
In this game, through the power of conversation and never revealing the name-tag they were given, people needed to figure out each other’s hidden identities and try to find their match.

Each name-tag had a specific pair, as for example, if the person had the name-tag "Pepper", their match would be whoever had the name-tag "Salt".
However this could not be done through direct and explicit questions, but rather through curve-ball questions such as, "who here is a condiment?"
Whoever answered positively would be that person's pair.

The first two matched pairs were entitled to a prize. But even after the winners had been found, the remaining people continued to try and find their match.

The best part of the game was that it got everyone at the event interacting with each other.
For this reason, it’s a great option for events where people haven’t yet met each other.

Regarding the lunch, this consisted of grilled meat, roasted chicken, rice, fries, and to top things off, delicious chocolate crepes with ice-cream for dessert.

As for the left-overs, Dengun donated these to Re-food; an independent, citizen driven and humanitarian community that is working to eliminate food waste and hunger on a neighborhood basis.  Be sure to check them out at:

Given everyone's postive reaction, we believe the event was a great success.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon!

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